White Sage Incense



Product Name: White Sage Incense

Product Description:  Satya White Sage Incense. White sage is known for its sweet fragrance and healing properties. A symbol of cleanliness and purity. Hand rolled in India from pure extracts and fine scented oils. Satya Sai Baba Incense is world renowned for fine fragrance. this incense is ideal for burning when negativity needs banishing and purification needs to be achieved.

15 gram pack contains around 12-15 incense sticks


Purpose: Perfect for magnifying any positive vibrations and high frequencies in an environment. They smell amazing!


Scent/Notes: White Sage


Burn Time: 15-20 minutes (approximately)


Stick Size: 9 inches 


Incense Benefits: 

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Relax & Unwind

Improves Meditation

Increase Focus


Sleep Aid

Air Puffier 

Who should use this product: Suitable for use with individuals wanting to bring more good vibes into their spiritual journey 

Mindful Precautions:

Never leave incense burning unattended

Use fire safety precautions 

Pairs Well With: White Sage, Florida Water, Dragonsblood Sage


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lori Williams
Everything about this place is a vibe I love ordering from here.

These incense I mean what can I say they smell amazing they always set the mood right for me. Coming home from a long day at work I like to relax and burn one of these with some music.

Lasaiah Johnson

I absolutely love these incense’s