We try our best to ship out order within 48 hours of purchase. We ship orders out Monday-Friday, Processing takes 1-2 days, shipping takes 2-4 days in the US. Up to 2 weeks internationally. 

Holidays, Vacation, and Travel Days are not included. Please check your email for shipping & tracking updates.

Yes we ship worldwide.

Processing is printing the order, prepping, packing and getting it to USPS. That takes 1-2 days.

Shipping is the amount of time USPS takes to ship to you. This is also dependent upon your location in relation to Miami, Florida.

International orders can take up to 2 weeks once it is sent to USPS.


Depends on product and circumstance, please email us at


All sales are final, no order can be changed after the order is placed.


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The App can be downloaded on Google Play or Apple.

Yes it is compatible.

SVC Rewards

You can redeem your points by logging into your SVC Rewards account and using them when making an order.

Create an account on the

You can log into your account on our website. Once you log in you can view your points there.

With more ways to unlock exciting perks, this is your all access pass to exclusive rewards. You can redeem points for free shipping, products, discounts and more.


You can find different crystal meanings and their properties on our website on the crystal page or crystal meaning page.

Majority of our products come from the earth, and are specially created individually. Products like crystals, and sage will not be the exact same because natural circumstances that occur on earth. Each piece is special and perfectly made just the way they are. Weather, temperature, and location plays a part in the formation of products. 

There are many ways to cleanse crystals. You can use sage, palo santo, florida water, and even our all positivity, no negativity spray. There is not a correct way, just do what feels right to you.

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You can choose any crystals that catch your eye and that stand out you; see it as a magnet and its mean for you. You can also pick crystals with certain properties you are looking to welcome into your life. We have put some crystals sets together already for starters, that are put together for certain reasons or properties- You can choose the one that works for you.

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You can carry your crystal with you throughout the day, place them in a place you are a lot throughout the day, you can meditate with them- just keep them near. 


Never pull or pick at your pieces or wire. Roll bracelets on & off.  Try not to get it wet, it may ruin some pieces. Wear & Vibe up!

Yes, please email us at

You will be responsible for shipping to and from us. 

You can repair your piece free of charge within 30 days of purchase, after 30 days there will be a repair fee.

More info

You can check out our youtube channel to learn more about this journey:

We also have masterclasses you can learn more from and dive deeper than the basic knowledge. You can find these under our masterclasses tab.

If you have specific questions or concerns about your journey please feel free to book a one on one service with Sunny to have an individualized session. You can do so under the services tab.

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Please refer to this video to learn more:

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No, it happens on select days.