About Us

Soulful Vibes Co’s mission is to educate & offer alternative methods of healing through spiritual and metaphysical products and services. Through an e-commerce experience, SVC provides affordable high quality, and high vibration products.

We aspire to spread peace and positivity with our products and education that will not only create a movement but will become a lifestyle filled with Soulful Vibes. 


Meet Our Founders

Sunny Brooks - "Director of Operations"

Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Healer, Herbalists, and Aromatherapist


TJ Brooks - "Creative Director" 

Creative, Teacher, and Artist

Black Woman-Owned Company Promotes Healing Through Soulful Vibes


MIAMI, FL – Soulful Vibes Co. is a Black woman-owned company designed to promote healing and mindfulness with the ultimate goal of helping individuals find the best spiritual path suited for their journey. Through sage, crystals, stones, and meditation, co-owners and wives, Sunny and TJ Brooks, have
positioned themselves as leading advocates for alternative healing methods through spiritual and metaphysical products and services. 

Established less than five years ago, Soulful Vibes Co. has grown into a thriving business, attracting thousands of customers through its online store and social media platforms. Even though they have seen tremendous success, the initial goal was to heal.

One day while walking on the beach in the Bahamas, Sunny says something in the sand caught her attention. “I found a [rock] on the beach... it was weirdly out of place.” She picked it up and placed it in her purse, not giving it too much more thought. At the time, Sunny was consumed by a toxic relationship that she desperately wanted out of. Months later, the relationship came to an end, and she found herself on a bright path to recovery. 

“I remember one day I was cleaning out my purse and found the rock. I decided to take it to a crystal shop where I was going to get an amethyst.” When Sunny arrived, she shared her found treasure with the store clerk, who then explained what she had stumbled upon. It was a Jet stone. Little did she know, the
properties that the stone contained were protection of the mind, body, heart and spirit, and energy purification. Making a direct connection between the rock and her newfound freedom from the abusive relationship, Sunny knew she was on to something. From there, she began to collect more crystals and rocks, using them to address the various needs in her life. These purchases soon became part of the store’s inventory.

Every item sold on the Soulful Vibes Co. website, be it sage, crystals, or stones, reflects products that the duo use in their daily lives. They knew that in addition to products, a teaching component was necessary for their customers to be educated on what to do with the products. “When I went to learn about these
things, I didn’t see anyone that looked like me. It was either a Caucasian man or woman. No one in the Black community that I saw was teaching about it. For me, representation matters,” Sunny said. And through their gifts of artistry and teaching, Sunny and her wife have ushered individuals into a full spiritual experience. “It was our passion. My wife is an artist by heart and trade, and I’m a teacher by heart and trade.”

With a 40% customer retention rate, Sunny says they have not gotten one complaint yet with customers expressing appreciation for the brand’s authenticity and the relatability that comes through the teachings. Yasmine, a customer and an employee of the company, shares that because of Soulful Vibes Co., she’s becoming more aware of her spiritual journey. “Spirituality has become some type of trend nowadays, but the way Sunny teaches—she’s very relatable. She has helped me grow spiritually. When you grow in your spiritual life, it transfers over into your physical life,” she said. “I feel like a lot of people in our community are starting to realize that we do have trauma that we need to work out and just come
to grips with being a spiritual being. Sunny is a sister and mother figure all wrapped in one. She teaches you about things they are practicing themselves,” Yasmine added. “Working here, I see how everyone always comes back and has something great to say about Soulful Vibes Co.”

When the pandemic struck, Sunny and TJ saw a change in the demand for their products and services. “There was a huge increase in sales,” Sunny said. “The pandemic caused a lot of people to sit back, reflect, be introspective and find avenues outside of what they were probably used to doing.” 

For months, people have been sitting in their homes in constant isolation, bombarded by visuals of police brutality, protests, the multiplicity of deaths. Because of this, the urgency for self-care has echoed in the hearts of many. The World Health Organization estimates that more than 300 million people worldwide
battle with depression and anxiety. “We saw an increase in cleansing products because people wanted to cleanse the energy and reset the energy of their homes and environments.” As a result, they could not keep the sage on the shelves. An order of 10,000 units that would typically last them almost year began
to last them approximately two months. “You might as well call us El Chappo of sage,” she said jokingly. But Sunny said she was pleased to see that through product orders, people were finally starting to be introspective, take things into their own hands and do the work was good. During the start of the pandemic, Sunny admits that they were a little concerned with what would happen with their business. 

Though they had been consistent for over a year, they were unsure how customers would respond to the shift from in-person to online. But as they moved through the early parts of the pandemic, Sunny says their physical office location grew from 700 square feet to 2,800 square feet. While others were pleasantly surprised by the company’s sudden growth, Sunny says she was not. “This is why we started. I knew it was going to happen. I just didn’t know when.,” she says. “I am so proud of Soulful Vibes Co. because of who the company is in the community and the tribe we created. We were able to manifest our dreams. We were able to work for this. It started with two cabinets in a room to a 2,800 square foot warehouse.” 

To complement their explosive growth, Soulful Vibes, Co. is soon to launch an app, created specifically with their tribe in mind. App users can expect weekly affirmations, an understanding of the spiritual significance behind various products and their uses, access to exclusive course content, early access to
new product sales and so much more.  In the meantime, visit the Soulful Vibes, Co. website at www.soulfulvibesco.com to shop their extensive catalog of over 300 mindfulness products and check out their guides, membership group (Vibe Tribe) outside of Instagram.

Are you someone who enjoys all things spiritual, metaphysical and holistic? 

Are you that person who is always wearing your crystals, burning your incense, and carrying out sacred rituals?

 Or, are you someone who is new to the whole spiritual lifestyle and you are in need of some trusted assistance? 

If you answered yes to any of these, then Soulful Vibes Tribe is the perfect place for you!

Soulful Vibes Tribe offers masterclasses and guides, along with The Ultimate Spiritual Course to strengthen you on your spiritual journey!