Waist Beads

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Product Name: Waist Beads


Purpose: Our Waist Beads are meant to bring you healing, peace and positivity in your life. Wearing Waist Beads is an easy and effective way to receive divine energy. 


Made with: Seed beads and elastic cord


Size Chart: One Size fit most


Who should use this product: Suitable for anyone who is ready to bring more balance, femininity ,and healing into your life along with tapping into your goddess energy.  


Waist Beads UsesWear your waist beads daily, meditate with them, or wear them for specific intentions and/or time


Product Care:

     1. Cleanse your waist beads when you first receive them. (Florida Water, White Sage, or Moonlight)

     2. Set your intentions for your waist beads

     3. Put your waist beads and size accordingly

     4. Enjoy the energy of your waist beads, remember to not pull on them too much as it will loosen them up


Pairs Well With:  Yoni Steam, Yoni Egg, Any other products you feel led to purchase. 


Note: Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Please contact your help provider. 

Customer Reviews

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Delivery is always on time and stays in touch with you on the status of your delivery😍😍😍

Elayne Gordon

I absolutely love them! Sooo comfortable!

Terressa Fields
Waist Beads

I love my waist beads. They are stretchy and comfy. Great price compared to others I've seen.