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Product Name: Mugwort


Product Description: Sold By The Scoops / Herbs Comes Loose in 3x4 in Bags

Mugwort has been used by magickal practitioners for ages as a dream associative & enhancing psychic skills. It calms the energy of a person, especially when ingested as a tea & helps to awaken the Third Eye, aiding in deeper subconscious travel & spirit world communications. 

Benefits: Strength, Psychic Powers, Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Healing, Astral Projection


Who should use this product: Suitable for use with individuals that want to improve their spiritual life.


Ways to use: 

    • Ritual Bath
    • Dress Candles
    • Make Herbal Tea
    • Use as an offering
    • Use for cleansing
    • Create a Mojo Bag
    • Create Intention Jar
    • Sacred Rituals
    • Create tinctures/oils
    • Any way you find fit


Mindful Precautions:

     Some herbs are smokable, please do your research before indulging  




Pairs Well With: Anything 3rd Eye Chakra, Protection Bracelet

Customer Reviews

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Key'onna M.
Won’t be my last purchase !

I loved everything I received ! From the herbs to the crystals to the incense, I can feel the positive energy and love that went into preparing my order. The mugwort is exactly as pictured !