Limited Edition Magical Ritual Rice
Limited Edition Magical Ritual Rice
Limited Edition Magical Ritual Rice
Limited Edition Magical Ritual Rice
Limited Edition Magical Ritual Rice

Limited Edition Magical Ritual Rice

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Product Name: Limited Edition Magical Ritual Rice


Product Description: 

Our Limited Edition Magical Ritual Rice is a unique product designed to enhance your spiritual practices.

The rice is often used in rituals, spells, or placed in areas to attract or manifest these specific energies or outcomes.

Available in a variety of colors, each one represents a different intention.

Choose from green, which represents the desire for financial prosperity; black, signifying protection and safety; red, which stands for love and passion; and orange, symbolizing the clearing of obstacles and opening new paths, and a multicolored version for overall success.

Embrace the magic and enrich your spiritual rituals with our Magical Ritual Rice.

Each Rice is made with Herbs, Crystals, Glitter, and other items that will enhance the intention

How to Use:

Feel free to use the rice any way you are led to but here are some suggestions:

1. Carry with you in a wallet, purse, etc.

2. Sprinkle in the corners and under doormats of your home or business.

3. Place on your altar

4. Put it in a sachet, gris gris or mojo bag

5. Dress your candles

6.  Create Spell Jars with them

7. Add them to any Ritual to enhance


The rice is NOT for eating, it is not edible!


Size: 2-4 oz. about 1/2 cup


Pairs Well With: any item aligned with specific intentions



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Customer Reviews

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Much needed


Soulful Vibes is a spiritual shop with a focuson educating and enriching spiritual journeys. Creating this special space and Shop has been a labor of love starting with the SVC owners and the rest of the SVC Family.

All SVC Products are

Ethically Sourced

We've placed a great deal of time, effort and research into sourcing each and every product selected for our shop. We can say unequivocally that all of our products are 100% sourced with the upmost integrity.



Shipping is always either a day early or on time and the products are good quality making me more comfortable and ready to further take on my spiritual journey!

Dekiah B.
Greensboro, NC

Love my items. Everything was so easy from the very beginning of ordering to being notified they were delivered. I received my items that were carefully packaged and I'm so excites to use!!

Los Angeles, CA

I love your vibes! Uplifting, soul soothing, funny, nourishing, informative. Thank you!

Kimberly S.
Salem, MA

Soulful Vibes has everything you need to get you going on your spiritual journey and self- care. Been a customer for years and will forever be a customer. I only purchase my items from Soulful Vibes. Awesome ,Awesome Black-Owned Business

Dana D.
Chesapeake, VA

Explanations on each product are very helpful for baby spirituals like myself so thank you!!

Melina P.
Boston, MA

It's a magical experience with Soulful Vibes. Definitely gained a lifetime customer. =)

Marisa K.
Bowie MD

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