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Product Name: Damiana 


Product Description: Sold By The Scoops / Herbs Comes Loose in 3x4 in Bags

Damiana Leaf increases magical energy when used with any other herb. It also is used in divination, including use in dream magic and in clairvoyance.

Benefits: Lust, Love, Visions


Who should use this product: Suitable for use with individuals that want to improve their spiritual life.


Ways to use: 

    • Ritual Bath
    • Dress Candles
    • Make Herbal Tea
    • Use as an offering
    • Use for cleansing
    • Create a Mojo Bag
    • Create Intention Jar
    • Sacred Rituals
    • Create tinctures/oils
    • Any way you find fit


Mindful Precautions:

Some herbs are smokable, please do your research before indulging  




Pairs Well With: Anything with 3rd Eye Chakra, Self-Love Crystal Set, Rose Water, Rose Herb, Love Spray/oil/bath/jar, Florida Water


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Philicia Miller
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Hey Tribe. I’ve been eye balling your content and products for a couple of years now and I always missed out on sales! But on 2$ Tuesday I had to act. Best holistic products ever. So happy with every single product I purchased!