Create Your Own Spiritual Herb Sets

Soulful Vibes Co.


Ever wanted to create your own herb set, with your own ingredients and intentions? This is perfect for you! You can customize your herb set to your liking and make it special just for you.

These create your own blends are filled with good vibes, and 5 different herbs each. The herbs are all mixed together for you to have a herb set that will assist you in accomplishing the intention set based on your personal selection . These herb sets can be used in multiple ways.

Ways to use:

  • Ritual Bath
  • Dress Candles
  • Make Herbal Tea
  • Use as an offering
  • Use for cleansing
  • Create a Mojo Bag
  • Create Intention Jar
  • Sacred Rituals
  • Create tinctures/oils
  • Any way you find fit

2 oz.