Charcoal Tablets

Soulful Vibes Co.


Product Name: Charcoal Tablets


Purpose: Charcoal tablets are for burning loose incenses, resins and herbs. 


Product Description: 10 tablets included in each pack. Comes with one 33mm Charcoal Tablets Pack 



Remove a tablet from the sealed roll and place in a censer or heat protected dish.
Light the edge of the tablet with a match or taper.
The tablet will then light across its surface.
The tablet should be left to burn out or cool in its censer.
To extinguish a tablet before it has fully cooled, quench in a container of cold water.


In order to maintain freshness, opened rolls should be resealed and stored in a cool, dark place.
Effective storage will ensure quick lighting and long burning. We highly recommend using an air tight ziplock style plastic bag or glass jar.


Pairs Well With: Any Resin, Any herb

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Clely Hulse

It arrived quick and it burned really good.