Candle Snuffer




Product Name: Gold Candle Snuffer


Purpose: Its purpose is too neatly put out burning candles, without the danger or mess of spattering wax. When you blowout your candle, you are blowing away any intentions or wishes set. The only proper way to extinguish a candle is to pinch or snuff it out, or to let it burn out on its own. 


Size: 4 inches not including bell


Pairs Well With: Any candle

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Claudia Galvis

I really liked the products I ordered from SoulfulVibesCo they were shipped out quick with no issues..

Melissa Holloway
Great purchase!!!!

I was getting tired of creating new way to smother out burning intentional candles…❤️‍🔥

Dai Chavon Williams
Perfect candle/incense snuffer!! 🥰

I was on the hunt to find a candle sniffer.. tbh, didn’t even know what a candle sniffer was initially. 🙈
Came to the site… and what do I see?? A SNIFFER!!
I was soooooo happy.. I learned that you aren’t suppose to blow out candles/incest, but rather snuff it out. This one is perfect!! Small, cute and can virtually be placed near your altar/spiritual tools for easy access. Great buy!!