Blue Anil



 Product Name: Blue Anil


Also Known as: Indigo Balls, Blue Anil, Blue Wash, Indigo Tablets

Product Description: 1 tablet per pack


History: Blue Anil goes by many names. Indigo is a staple in many spiritual traditions and has many names. The most potent attribute it carries is the energy of purification, cleansing, and healing. It is also one of the main ingredients in Indigo water or blue wash. Many traditional Rootworkers use blue water for scrying. They also place out pans of protective "blue water", to keep a residence clear of unwanted spirits. Many of those that have set these traditions before us would often use these squares in mop water to clear the house of negativity prior to Spiritual work or in a process of purification.


Benefits: It can be used as a floor wash and aura wash to absorb negative vibrations, clarify, purify as well as for protection against the evil eye, attract luck and to raise spiritual vibrations. Typically they were placed in the laundry, bath or floor wash to help cleanse and banish negativity.  You can place one of these balls in a bowl of sea salt water to sprinkle around your home for added protection or to place in the hearth of the home to help cleanse and purify of negative energies. These blue squares are not only great for magical workings but they whiten laundry and are safe for bathing!


Used for:  

Purification, Uncrossing, and Protection from evil


Spiritual Uses: 

  • Use in your spiritual bath for purification and to remove negative vibrations (Find this under the Magic Bar on our Website). 

  • Make Blue Anil Water can be used as a floor wash in order to keep away evil spirits. 

  • It is also used to whiten laundry. (Only use a 1/2 cup per every load) Too much will discolor your load
  • Dissolve or crush a Tablet in a bowl of water and place it on your altar to invite in good spirits and keep negative ones at bay.

Dissolve or crush a tablet in water and sprinkle or spray around your home to uncross and protect against work against you.
  •   One Tablet can be added it to a bucket of mop boiling hot water along with Florida Water. The Blueing water can also be used alone or in other combinations. Listed here are just a few uses.


Who should use this product: Suitable for anyone who is ready to bring more cleansing, clarity, and healing into their space no matter where they are in their spiritual journey. 


Pairs Well With: Florida Water, Peruvian Florida Water  

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As described

As described

Damita Cabezud
Spiritual needs

This is by far my go to for all my spiritual goodies! Whenever I get low I always come back to restock and have never been disappointed so far. I love the reward system and the constant deals and new products!