7 Chakras Incense



Product Name: 7 Chakra Incense

Product Description: This incense is developed especially for those who want to align their chakras. You can burn each pack to help balance and align each chakra, or even to do specific energy work on each individual chakra. Each fragrance is specially created to activate and uplift each chakra.



Root Chakra - Patchouli 

Sacral Chakra - Ylang Ylang & Jasmine

Solar Plexus Chakra - Bergamot 

Heart Chakra - Sandalwood & Rose

Throat Chakra - Frankincense & Peppermint

3rd Eye Chakra - Cinnamon 

Crown Chakra - Frankincense & Myrrh


 Each box contains 7 different scents for each chakra. Each fragrance comes with 5 incense sticks each.  


Purpose: Perfect for magnifying any positive vibrations and high frequencies in an environment. They smell amazing!


Scent/Notes: Chakra


Burn Time: 15-20 minutes (approximately)


Stick Size: 9 inches 


Incense Benefits: 

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Relax & Unwind

Improves Meditation

Increase Focus


Sleep Aid

Air Puffier 

Who should use this product: Suitable for use with individuals wanting to bring more good vibes into their spiritual journey. Incense has the power to help you in any and all conditions you may be facing in life. 

Mindful Precautions:

Never leave incense burning unattended

Use fire safety precautions 

Pairs Well With: Chakra Incense, Chakra Crystal Set, Chakra Candle, Singing Bowl