Create Your Own Spiritual Bath

Soulful Vibes Co.


Ever wanted to create your own spiritual bath, with your own ingredients and intentions? This is perfect for you! You can customize your bath to your liking and make it special just for you.

The create your own blend will be filled with good vibes, salts, herbs, essential oils, crystals and other natural ingredients that you choose. The ingredients are all mixed together for you to enjoy a relaxing but purposeful bath to accomplish the intention set based on your personal selections.



Put mixture into your warm bath

Think of each specific intention

Imagine bringing in or releasing the things you want to attract or remove

For removing bathe downwards, For attraction bathe upwards

Relax & Attract/Remove!

For best results, take bath & repeat steps 3 days in a row

Feel free to add or remove any steps you are being led to


Uses: Good for more than 3 use.



4 oz.

Customer Reviews

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Lamar Evans
Magic Bath

I loved being able to create my own potion if you will and the results were amazing.