Yoni Steam



 Product Name: Yoni Steam

Product Description: Good for at least 4 uses.

This purification process of yoni steaming cleanse, tone, and nourish the vagina and womb. It is a beautiful blend of 15 plants allies’ ideal for steaming the vagina and promoting healthy hormonal balance. This can be enjoyed a week before and after your menstrual, after childbirth, or whenever you like.


Size: 4 oz


Purpose: Herbal blend for detoxing, purifying, and rejuvenating.


How to use & Benefits: 



Boil herbs in water

Pour mixture into bowl

Sit over mixture once the temperature is comfortable for you

Cover up from waist down, to trap steam in

Relax for 30 minutes & Enjoy Some Yoni Lovin'!

*It is not recommended to steam if you have an IUD or during menstruation. Do not yoni steam if you are pregnant.



Who should use this product: Suitable for use with individuals wanting to get in tune with their inner goddess 

Mindful Precautions: Do not use internally. Be careful of boiling water. Please check the temperature before sitting over them. 


Pairs Well With: Yoni Egg

Customer Reviews

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Rhonda Jones
Smells good

I like the smell and all the herbs. I haven’t used it yet but will soon.

Shaquasia Barksdale

Yoni Steam