Red Jasper



Product Name: Red Jasper 


Purpose: Healing, Harmony, Strength

Product Description:  1 Raw Piece of Red Jasper 

Jasper is said to be useful for controlling the emotions and a good stone for soothing the nerves. Jasper in whatever form is extremely nurturing and reminds us that we are here to nurture others as well. It occurs in many colors, all of which present their own properties. Can help in dream recall, and strengthens and detoxifies. 

Crystal will come in its raw form. Size and shape may vary from picture due to each stone being unique in color and form. All of our crystals are ethically and naturally sourced from various places around the world. 

Chakra: Root 

Zodiac: Aries




Who should use this product: Suitable for anyone who is ready to bring more cleansing, clarity, and healing into their space no matter where they are in their spiritual journey.

Product Care:

     1. Cleanse your crystals when you first receive them. (Florida Water, White Sage, or Moonlight)

     2. Set your intentions for your crystals 

     3. Charge your crystals. (Sunlight, Bury them, Selenite)

     4. Enjoy the energy of your new crystal

 Note: Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Please contact your help provider.


Pairs Well With: Amethyst, Smoky quartz, Black Tourmaline



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Red Jasper!!

The quality of this stone is amazing

Kendra Bell
Positive Vibes

I was told about this website through my sister and instantly fell in love!