Healing Sage



Product Name: Healing Sage


Size: 8-9 inches


Product Description: Sold Individually 

Healing Sage is balanced blend of mountain sage, cedar sage and copal resin. Healing Sage is used for purifying the atmosphere, dispersing negative energy, and for protection. It's soothing, relaxing aroma can be used to aid meditation or burned simply for enjoyment

All of our cleansing sticks are ethically harvested from various places around the world. 


How to use: Hold the cleanse stick in the flame of your lighter (long handled lighter preferred) and rotate so all sides get lit. Give it a good blow and a shake. You should see smoke and no flames, then cleanse away.


Benefits: Healing, protection and purification 




Who should use this product: Suitable for use with individuals that want

to improve their spiritual life.


Mindful Precautions:

Never leave cleansing stick burning unattended

Use fire safety precautions

Use an abalone shell to prevent burning to cloths/clothes 

Keep out of reach of children and pets

If it won't stay lit, just loosen the sting on the stick.

Use a heat proof vessel to extinguish


Pairs Well With:  Healing 7-Day Candle, Good Health Incense, Healing Crystal Set