Some food for thought.

Choose love over hate: The world is too short to hate people, try as much as possible to love everyone around you regardless of their actions towards you, be kind enough to forgive. Holding on to hatred can deem your happiness, it might bring sorrow to your heart, thinking ill about people sometimes can be a heavy load in our heart. Be grateful for what you have: Be very grateful for the little things you have; this is a great step to everlasting happiness. Being grateful for what life offers you is a brilliant step to finding happiness.
A negative attitude carries a lack of awareness. You’re not necessarily aware of a negative attitude affecting your outlook on life, and because of this lack of awareness, your attitude affects your interactions with other people and your interactions with yourself. What if you were to become aware? What if, suddenly, you were able to step outside of the thought pattern that creates your attitude, choose a new pattern, and eventually, a new attitude?

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