Smudging 101

Smudging 101
  • Prepare your space by opening all doors and windows. You can also open cabinet doors and drawers to clear any negative energy contained there.
  • Set your intention – in your own words and from your heart speak your intention for the smudging. 
  • Light your sage stick with lighter or wooden matches. Once it catches fire gently blow on the flame to put it out creating a smoke burning sage stick.
  • Smudge:
    • To smudge a person or self: Safely wave the smoldering smudge stick around you in a brushing motion. Start at your feet and work your way to your head. 
    • To smudge a space: Walk around the perimeter of the room, slowly and gently brushing the smoldering smudge stick through the air as if you were painting. If you sense a heaviness in an area stay there for a moment, repeat your intention and allow the smoke to fill the area. 
    • To smudge objects: Pass the object through the smoke or hold it above the smoke and allow the object to be engulfed in the smoke. For larger objects you can use a feather or your hand to brush the smoke toward the item.

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