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This week in Soulful Talk we will be spotlighting one of the greatest divination tools that have been used for centuries , singing bowls ! All over the world are different singing bowls made with different materials, have different sizes , and of course they have different , yet wonderful sounds and vibrations that come from them when played. Yes, every singing bowl is different but there is one thing that they for sure have in common and that is the healing that it promotes. When playing a singing bowl, the vibrations resonate with certain vibrations inside of our bodies. Here at Soulful Vibes Co. we have Tibetan Bowls , when played , the sound or resonance can be an immune booster , stress reducer and pain reliever ! Many people have also healed their issues of anxiety, insomnia, & even PTSD by incorporating singing bowls into their routines. 

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Singing Bowls


Catch Up ! 

There is an all new YouTube Video that has been uploaded on Sunny Brooks YouTube Channel ! The do’s & don’ts with your crystals ! Check out the video to learn how to properly work with your crystals , and all get the heads up on the big no no’s that crystals lovers tend to run into! Be sure to head over and get some crystal knowledge ! 

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Crystal Video

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