Rose of Jericho Care

Tip of the Day⁠ Rose of Jericho Care:⁠

You have to train your Rose Of Jericho to stay completely submerged in water. When you first receive your Rose Of Jericho submerge it in water when the water starts to smell, replace the water in the bowl. Before placing the ROJ back into the water, rinse it thoroughly. The more you replace the water the quicker the smell will go away and the longer it will be able to be submerged in water between water changes.⁠

This plant erases negative influences and welcomes in peace and harmony to your environment. Covering the roots only, place Rose Jericho in water until it blooms to it's full healing/transforming potential! ⁠

Rose Of Jericho is known to be the plant that never dies! 🌿⁠ Many people use the water that Rose Of Jericho sits in to bless their home and to welcome abundance and wealth! 💚⁠

Have you ever used Rose of Jericho before? 💕⁠ You can place ROJ inside of a dish of water, only covering it's roots, allow it to sit for a few days, and use it's water to bless your home and remove negative influences. 🤞🏾⁠

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