Resins 101

Are you familiar with Resins? 🤔 Have you ever worked with them before? Just like Sage and Incense, Resins are set with different intentions which can be used to achieve different outcomes. They have been burned 🔥 for thousands of years and can welcome healing ❤️‍🩹, wisdom 💭, emotional balance⚖️, ancestral connection, protection, energetic cleansing🧼, and much more!

How To Use:

Heat a Charcoal Tablet (find them below) until it's red and hot🔥. Then place Resin on top of the Charcoal Tablet and allow Resin to melt and begin to smoke💨. You can let the Resin sit on your altar, in a designated area, or walk around and fan the smoke around your space. BE CAREFUL! Do not 🚫 pick up hot charcoal, place charcoal tablet into a fire safe bowl or Abalone Shell 🐚.

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