Manifesting With Intention Jars

Many people have been asking about Intention Jars, how to use them 🤔, what they do 🤔, how long do the last 🤔, what can you put in them?🤔 Intention Jars can be used as a way to manifest any of your desires.✨ There are intention jars for money drawing 🤑, happiness 🥰, mental clarity 🧠, happy home🏠, the list goes on. 📝

When using an intention jar, write down specific intentions 📝 that you want to manifest in your life that the jar can insist with. Next, think 🤔 of each specific intention while placing paper into the jar, imagine bringing in or releasing the things you want to attract 🧲 or remove ❌. Seal the jar and place candle 🕯️ on top (Light the bottom of the candle until it melts a bit then stick it to top this will help to keep the candle in place). After the candle is done burning, you can keep, dispose, or bury jar. It’s just that simple! 👏🏽

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