Honoring Ancestor Ceremony

1. Show Gratitude

If you have an Ancestor Altar 🙏🏼✨ or have created a sacred space for your ancestors, start the ceremony by telling them thank you 😌 for all that they have done for you and your family on Earth 🌍 and now in the spiritual realm 💚. You can tell them thank you individually by holding each photo 🎞️ or tell them thank you as a collective. Do as you're lead to🤞🏽.

2. Give Offerings

Present gifts to them 🎁! Burn Ancestor Money 💰, give them cooked food 🍲, warm water 💦, tobacco 🚬, wine & spirits 🍷, flowers 🌼, etc. Be intentional with your gifts 🤞🏽!

If your Grandmother loved Roses you could say:

"Here is a Rose 🌹 for you granny, thank you for teaching me self-love and..." 💓

Give offerings based on each Ancestor or, again, honor them as a collective. Remember to always do what your spirit leads you to do ✔️.

3. Present Request

I'm sure we got on our immediate ancestors nerves while they were here 🤣,  nothing changes in the spiritual realm 🌝😂! On a serious note ☝🏽, here is where you ask your Ancestors to guide you & your family, reveal truths, support manifestations, however you desire your Ancestors to pull up for you, ask them to do so! 💚

4. Turn Up

Turn your music on and TURN UP! 🎉😛 Play those throw backs our folks used to play back when we were growing up 🎼! Share stories with your family on different memories of your Ancestors 💚. Enjoy the day/night with the intentions of celebrating the ones who came before you 😁.

Simple as that! 👏🏽 There are many different ways that you can honor your ancestors but we just thought to give you a few of the basics 😉. Let us know how your ceremony went 😌.

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