Forgiveness is Important

Happy Monday Tribe!
Forgiveness is something that has been heavy on my heart to share. Most of us have experienced the feeling of not being able to forgive. The truth is, sometimes it's so hard to forgive a person or situation that has caused hurt and brokenness. The good thing is, it is possible, there is hope and there are many ways to heal. 
Here are a few tips to start forgiving that person or situation that no longer deserves your energy: 

1. Know that it isn't about letting someone off the hook 
2. Understand that healing is about freeing YOURSELF so you can move forward in life
3. Write a letter to the person or situation that hurt you (DO NOT SHARE IT)
4. Reconnect to Spirit 
5. Switch your focus: Focus on the things that bring you joy, what does happiness look like for you?
Peace & Positivity
-Soulful Vibes Co.

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