Divination Tools: Pendulums

Look friend, I know you've seen the Pendulums on our website and was like what the heck is that? 🥴 Pendulums can be used as a divination tool ✨and a tool to balance ⚖️ and assess your chakras.🌈 You can program it so that it speaks to you in a way that you understand. 🤞🏽 We have Pendulums with different crystals 🔮, take a peek below!

If you need further assistance on how to program your pendulum then watch the full video about Pendulums on our YouTube Channel! 👏🏾

Click 🖱️ thumbnail below to watch FULL VIDEO ⬇️

Are you familiar with Tarot Cards or Oracle Cards? 🎴 What about Palm Readings? 🤲🏽 Astrology? 🪐 Numerology 🔢? All of those are used to receive messages from the spirit world which makes them divination tools, that leads me to our spotlight item .... Pendulums! ⭐

Pendulums are used to receive answers from your higher self and your ancestors or spirit guides, they are also used to balance Chakras 🌈. You can ask the Pendulum any question and it will answer you based on the way you program it 👌🏽.

Example.  You can say 🗣️ " Is my Heart Chakra unbalanced? If the answer to my question is yes, swing clock wise, if the answer to my question is no, swing counter clock wise."

We also have Pendulum Mats which can help you understand the answer that your Pendulum is giving if the Pendulum itself gets a little confusing to read 👍🏽⬇️.

Would you use these Divination Tools to receive messages from your higher self?

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