Candle Work Tutorial

Step 1- Establish Your Intentions

What is it that you want to manifest? 🤔 Are you wanting to welcome self-love 💕, money 💰, a healthy relationship 😘, a new business 💪🏽, happiness 😊, a new home 🏡, a baby 👶🏽?

Figure out what you want SPECIFICALLY, the Universe ⭐ will give you exactly what you ask for so be sure to set clear intentions ✔️.

Step 2- Choose Your Time

When talking about Candle Work size DOES matter! ✔️ The smaller the candle, the quicker your results will be 👏🏽, the bigger the candle, the longer it will take but your manifestations will be more powerful💪🏽.

We have 7 Day Candles, 50 Hour Candles, Taper Candles, & Tea Light Candles 🕯️ here at #SVC 💚.

Let’s say you’re about to go on a girls trip in a couple of days and you need some quick cash before you leave 🤑, you may choose a 50 Hour Candle 🕯️ so that by the time it burns out the spirit realm will already be working on sending your coins before your trip! 💃🏽

Now if you want to come up on a strong financial blessing 💪🏽💵, you would choose a 7 Day Candle because there will be more “work” or time put towards your manifestation ✨.

Are you still with me so far 👀? Cool 😎

Step 3-Choose Your Candle Color

As you know, different colors serve or support different intentions 🌈. Once you’ve established what you want to manifest ✨, choose a candle color that supports that intention ✔️.

Black – Protection

Pink – Love

Green – Money

Yellow – Happiness

White- Harmony

Red- Passion

Purple- Spirit Realm

The list goes on with colors and their intentions! 📝 If you have a candle that is multicolored, it’s perfectly fine, just be sure that the colors are in alignment with your intentions. 👌🏽

Step 4- Dress Your Candle

Here comes the fun part! 😁 Dressing your candles with different Herbs 🌿, Oils ✨, Crystals 🔮, Flowers 🌹, and other décor that resonates with your intentions will add extra "umph" to your manifestations 🤞🏽.

When dressing your candle 🕯️, keep in mind that you are making a representation to the spirit world of what you are asking for. Be sure that everything is cohesive and works together 👏🏽.

Example. I want to manifest Self-Love using Candle Work 🕯️. Here is how I will go by preparing my candle for a ritual ⬇️:

My Intention: Self-Love 😍

Intensity [Time Frame]: High (7 Day Candle) 🕯️

Color: Pink 💕  (Love, Self-Love, Relationships)

Candle Dress: Rose Petals 🌹, Rose Quartz Crystal 🔮, Yerba Santa Pieces 🌿, Healing Blessed Oil ✨, Confetti Hearts 💖, Pink Glitter 🎆

  • All products represent/promote love of self*

Step 5- Let It Burn

Now that your candle 🕯️ is all dressed up, light it 🔥 and allow it to burn fully. You can continue to speak affirmations over your candle as it burns.🤞🏽

DO NOT blow out the candle, blowing out candles can blow away your manifestations and ruin your ritual.

If you ever need to put out a candle, check out this Candle Snuffer  ⬇️

That's how you use candles to increase the power of your manifestations and see results quicker! 🥰 Will you be putting Candle Work 🕯️ to the test? 😌

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