Ancestor Altar Tutorial

Juneteenth is known as the day in history where the emancipation ⛓️ of slaves took place on June 19, 1866. As we all know, many of our Ancestors endured the horrific and brutal captivation of chattel slavery. 😣

In honor of our heritage ✊🏾, I will teach you how to create your own Ancestor Altar at home that will allow you to honor, connect, and seek guidance from your love ones. 😌🤞🏽

  1. Find A Setup- The first ☝🏽 thing to do is to find a sturdy and reliable item to appoint as your altar. ❤️ You can use a book shelf, desk, table, drawer, or whatever you find fit.
  2. Set The Energy- Cleanse the energy on and around your space 💨. This way, you are able to cleanse, reset, and then set desired vibrations for your Ancestral Altar. ✨
  3. Building The Basics- Lay a white cloth 🤍 on top of the surface to cover your altar. Personally I like to use a white cloth but you are welcome to use a different color. 😌 Next, list 📝 the names of the ancestors that you want to honor , frame the paper, and place it on your altar. 🤞🏽 You can also frame and add any printed out photos of your ancestors at this time. 📷
  4. There are 5 Earth Elements  🔥💦💨🌍⭐ that should be present when honoring ancestors. Below are a few examples of tools that you can use for each element ⬇️:

Fire 🔥- White Candle

Water 💦- Glass Of Warm Water

Air 💨- Feathers or Incense

Earth 🌍- Crystals

Ether ⭐ - Spirit Realm (Bible, Chakra Wand, etc.)

     5.  Finishing Touches-

Finally! The fun part 🤣 it’s time to dress and adorn your altar based on the likings of your ancestors! 😊 [Example: If you have an ancestor that loved to drive trucks, you can put a toy car on the altar to acknowledge that specific ancestor.]

Tip: Spirits love a good turn up 😛🤣 so as an offering, you can place tobacco 🚬, and rum 🥃 on the altar. Hence the shot glass below 👇🏾

More Resources: Want a LIVE  tutorial on how to create your altar step by step? 😁 Click the thumbnail below to watch Sunny create a demo altar! 😌🌻

We also have a Ancestral Veneration Masterclass & Ancestors Guide 📚 to help you on your journey of connecting with your blood line! 💪🏽 Click "Guides & Classes" for spiritual education on Ancestors. ⬇️

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