5 Manifesting Tips Tutorial

Step 1- Declutter Your Space

The Universe will not bless you if the space is occupied with a bunch of JUNK! 🗑 Clean out that room, leave that toxic relationship ✌🏽, whatever is not serving you, LET IT GO! 🏃🏽‍♀️💨

Step 2- Give Gratitude

Why would you receive more blessings if you never show that you're thankful for what you already have? Would you continue to give someone gifts if they were ungrateful? Make sure that you give thanks for the old and new!

Step 3-Give Unto Others

In order to be in the "loop"  of receiving blessings you have to be doing your part by giving unto others. This rule of thumb works especially with money. If you want to receive your manifestations from the Universe , you must give to the Universe!

Step 4: Be Specific On Your Desires

This step causes you to sit back and think on what you desire! If you want to manifest your dream car, don't just say "I want a new car"! Be specific! Is it a 2022? What color is it? Is it push to start? You have the power to create your reality, don't be vague with it.

Step 5: Support Your Intentions

This is where your inner Bruja comes in! 😅 Tap into Candle 🕯 Work, create a Mojo Bag 🌿 , take an attraction Spiritual Bath 🛁 , use your spiritual tools 🧰 to give your manifestations a quick “umph” 🔥 to help them reach you faster.

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