Rose Rope Incense


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Product Name: Rose Rope Incense

Product Description: Rope Incense is a hand-rolled blend of flowers, spices, and resins. The natural ingredients, herbs, resins and masala are blended to perfection to create a soothing aroma. This aromatic incense with its sweet, yet earthy fragrance will enhance any mood or environment. 

Each bundle contains approximately 35-40


Purpose: Perfect for magnifying any positive vibrations and high frequencies in an environment. They smell amazing!


Scent/Notes: Frankincense, saldup, lovan, and gokuldhoop


Burn Time: 15-20 minutes (approximately)


Rope Size: 3.5 inch ropes.


Incense Benefits: 

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Relax & Unwind

Improves Meditation

Increase Focus


Sleep Aid

Air Puffier 

How to use: You can burn rope incense by lying it flat on a hard non-flammable surface or in an abalone shell, which allows the entire rope to burn safely and completely or use a rope incense burner.


Who should use this product: Suitable for use with individuals wanting to bring more good vibes into their spiritual journey 


Mindful Precautions:

Never leave incense burning unattended

Use fire safety precautions 

Pairs Well With: Self Love Crystal Set, Rose Water, Rose of Jerchio