Florida Water



Product Name: Florida Water

Product Description:

Beautiful wonderful smell!

Perfect for purification, rituals, cleansing, and spiritual practice.

Florida Water is used to remove heavy vibrations and to encourage the expression of emotions.

Wiping down all of the items on your altar with Florida Water will cleanse them of any negative energy and clear them to receive messages from the spirits and ancestors.

This is great for blessing, cleansing, and anointing your home.

This can be used in any way you find fit, but its guaranteed to benefit any place, person, and situation.




Purpose: Perfect for magnifying any positive vibrations and high frequencies in an environment. They smell amazing!


Scent/Notes: Citrus



Travel Size- 2oz

Regular Size- 7.5 oz

Large Size- 16 oz


Benefits: Blessing, cleansing, and anointing your home.


Who should use this product: Suitable for use with individuals wanting to bring more good vibes into their spiritual journey. Incense has the power to help you in any and all conditions you may be facing in life. 

Mindful Precautions:

Do NOT ingest. For external use ONLY


Pairs Well With: White Sage

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
April Davis
Florida Wata!!!

I use Florida water for cleaning my crystals I use it when I am mopping my floor.....use it for everything before meditating I put a dab on my 3rd eye

Kat S.
First Time User

I absolutely LOVE the Florida water! I watched Sunny’s YouTube video on how to use it and it was helpful. If cleansed my crystals and altar area with it, and I added some
to my cleaning solution when I cleaned my floors. I love the smell and even put a few drops in my new purse, LOL!

Roslyn Shields

Florida Water

Bre E
SVC Florida Water

Florida water has been an important tool during my spiritual journey. I love the product, shipping, and customer service. I always buy it here for those reasons. Also I had an issue with one of my products when my package arrived. I reached out and received immediate help. I appreciate them for letting me know I mattered as a customer!

Charisma Houston
Love FL Water

Y’all! I cannot say enough about this Florida Water. I use it nearly everyday. I’ve been wanting the larger bottle but it stays sold out so I’ll continue to purchase the size right below. I put it in my spiritual baths, when I’m cleaning, and even in my diffuser. I work with a lot of trauma being a therapist so keeping my space clear and positive is necessary for a variety of reasons. I’d recommend this for anyone from beginner to expert in their spiritual practices.