7 Arcangels Incense


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Product Name: 7 Arcangels Incense

Product Description: HEM power of the 7 Arcangels Archangel: Miguel, Jofiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel, & Zadquiel. Incense Sticks is often burned to help raise energy, Use the power of the almighty Archangels to help bring you luck, protection and power in your life, take back the power in life with better luck HEM 7 Archangels Incense Sticks attracts luck and are powerful incense sticks to burn for manifesting. HEM incense sticks are World famous because each incense stick is made from the finest traditional select resins, essential oils, woods and florals that are then blended with precision, care and love. Hem incense sticks is in the form of scented and masala incense sticks that are used during prayers, meditation, yoga and in making your environment aromatic and pleasant, thus contributing to peace and tranquility  

15 gram pack contains around 15-20 incense sticks


Purpose: Perfect for magnifying any positive vibrations and high frequencies in an environment. They smell amazing!


Scent/Notes: Strong Floral Aroma


Burn Time: 15-20 minutes (approximately)


Stick Size: 9 inches 


Incense Benefits: 

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Relax & Unwind

Improves Meditation

Increase Focus


Sleep Aid

Air Puffier 

Who should use this product: Suitable for use with individuals wanting to bring more good vibes into their spiritual journey. Incense has the power of the 7 Archangels to help you in any and all conditions you may be facing in life. 

Mindful Precautions:

Never leave incense burning unattended

Use fire safety precautions 

Pairs Well With: Orange Blossom Spiritual Water, Florida Water, White Sage, Meditation Incense, Singing Bowl, Tranquility Affirmation Candle, Citrine